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Mergers & Acquisitions and Financing Advisory



Dedicated Team

AIMS Capital has one of the largest dedicated team of corporate finance professionals in Australia, and we are an Australian leader in the origination and execution of mergers & acquisition and financing transactions.

Risk averse

Edge on Competitors

Depth and breadth of experience, strong industry knowledge, fact-based decision-making and an unrelenting focus on value give us the edge on our competitors.

Long-term thinkers

Industry Experience

Our industry experience spans pharmaceuticals, healthcare, mining, oil & gas, mining services, agriculture, consumer goods, manufacturing, energy & infrastructure, financial services, telecommunications and IT. We ensure that experienced and professional team members are involved on each assignment we undertake.

Invest in our people

Local and Overseas

We have been consistently ranked as a leading Australian corporate adviser. Key members of our team are highly experienced M&A deal-makers for public listed companies. We are committed to assisting local and overseas including Chinese clients in executing innovative transactions.


We provide high quality advice in

  • Public market mergers, takeover and assets acquisitions
  • Private treaty acquisitions and divestments
  • Equity capital raisings
  • Debt and hybrid raisings
  • Strategic investments
  • Joint ventures
  • Management buy-outs and private equity transactions

Equity Capital Markets


Capital Markets & Advisory

AIMS Capital’s Equity Capital Markets (ECM) team arranges and executes IPOs, secondary market issues and pre-IPO development capital for listed and unlisted companies. We variously act in the role of manager, underwriter or distributor.

Value Approach to Capital-raising

In contrast to the ‘volume’ approach adopted by originator houses, we take a strict ‘value’ approach to capital-raising. We do not operate an institutional or retail dealing desk, but distribute issues through long-standing relationships with selected intermediaries and clients. We measure the success of our ECM division by the performance of the issues with which we have been associated.

Over $4 Billion

Over the past 16 years, AIMS Capital has raised over $4 billion directly and indirectly through equity market.